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Hypnotize and/or Tickle Noire RP :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 9 201 Hypnotize and/or Tickle Nepgear RP :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 6 70 Hypnotize and/or Tickle Neptune RP :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 11 373 Me and Blanc :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 3 0 Go to a adventure with Sylvanas Windrunner RP :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 4 84 Sophie and Spyro find Vert :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 3 0 Sophie and Spyro try to find Vert :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 4 2 Blanc tickling Uni :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 16 6 Sophie meet Spyro again :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 6 4 Sophie tickled Blanc :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 9 10 Sophie Introduce Kiara to her friends :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 5 0 Hypnotize and/or Tickle Ruby Rose RP :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 5 309 Hypnotize and/or Tickle Kairi RP :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 11 1,727 Hypnotize and/or Tickle Iro RP :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 9 2,471 Neptune tickle Uni :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 13 6 Sophie and her new friend Kiara :iconsoulmourn:Soulmourn 7 7


Ruby Rose X Reader Your hypnotized Rose
The picture is by :iconkrackodude:
This is probably the only Reader Insert unless i think of one or if you guys give me an idea.
You are in Doctor Oobleck's class and hearing a lesson. 
Oobleck: And who can tell me where the battle of Vale and the Red Dogs(some random terrorist group that i made up) took place?
You raise your hand.
Oobleck: Go ahead mr.(last name)
You: The grounds of Mountain Glene.
Oobleck: Who can tell me when we had this fight?
no one answers.
Oobleck: Ms Rose?
Ruby: Huh?
You turn and see a young girl with the cutest red hair, and just...everything was cute about her.
You: Wow.
Oobleck: Can you answer when the battle of Vale and Red dogs was?
Ruby: um...18.........67?
Oobleck: Very good The battle was in 1867...(history stuff)
Ruby: Whew.
After classes end, You walk up to Ruby to talk to her.
You: Hey there.
Ruby: Hi.
You: So it sounded like you didn't know the answer to the question Dr.Oobleck asked.
Ruby: I didn't.
You: Would you like to study with me?
:iconthandc:thandc 36 15
Ram and Rom :icontailgate04:Tailgate04 36 2
Mature content
RWBY romance/fetish RP 18+ :iconnicemanmk:nicemanmk 2 97
Mature content
White Sisters bath :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 53 3
Commission - Blanc after bath :icondinobirdofdoom:DinoBirdOfDoom 31 3 Blanc - Knight (Overheat: 4GO2) :iconjuliaz-96:JuliaZ-96 7 2 Come to me :iconddan989world:Ddan989World 20 8
Mature content
RWBY vore RP :iconnicemanmk:nicemanmk 3 47
Hyperdimension Neptunia RP?
Anyone up for it? You can either be your own character, or someone from the series.
:iconflamingcreepsunlimit:flamingcreepsunlimit 1 795
Birthday in Gameindustri RP
As you read this text, you find yourself being teleported away to a new place. Those aware would recognize the location you ended up in as an area outside the local Basilicom. Who's it was was revealed when a familiar head of lavender hair approached you happily and carefree.
"Hiya, glad to see you could make it," she smiled as you looked confused around the area, "Relax, you're fine."
At first, you sighed with relief before looking at the girl questioningly. Whether or not you recognized the location, you had to check with her about where you were exactly, so you ask.
"You're just outside my Basilicom," she answered, confirming your thoughts (if you thought them) before giving you a face as she realized something, "Oh right... haven't told you who I am... right... I'm Neptune!"
At least you also got confirmation of who she is, allowing you to smile, so you held out your hand to shake Neptune's, which she happily shook.
"Well, I heard today is a super duper special day!" she cheered, c
:icontknrkrgaim:TKNRKRGaim 9 878
Date with Blanc :iconddan989world:Ddan989World 21 3 Rom and Ram :iconsparrowx17:sparrowx17 17 1 Blanc hyperdimension neptunia :iconsparrowx17:sparrowx17 29 1 Blanc's lap pillow :icon3dmodelmaster:3DModelMaster 11 6
hyperdimension neptunia yuri rp
I love this series and I wanted to rp it.
:iconthescarlethuntress:thescarlethuntress 4 56
Hyperdimension Neptunia Highschool RP
As title implies, I am interested in doing an RP which involves a school that has the cast of the Hyperdimension Neptunia characters in it. Which of them will be in it and whether or not all of the non-human characters like the Goddesses will be human or not in this story is something we can discuss.
If the Goddesses are to be human, their HDD forms can be separate people with different names.
OCs can be used in this story, as I plan to use OCs myself. Both male and female ones can be used here.
Please only do this RP with me if you know the characters and are willing to RP as them, aswell.
18+ stuff can occur here but must be discussed beforehand.
I am fine with both straight and homosexuality characters and relationships.
If you'd like to RP this with me, please Comment, Favourite this and/or Note me!
:iconquanokark42:Quanokark42 1 47


22 deviations
Hypnotize and/or Tickle Noire RP
The rules is this: No abuse, No killing or amnesia of the characters

It's not my image I found it in the internet and put it here
Hypnotize and/or Tickle Nepgear RP
The rules is this: No abuse, No killing or amnesia of the characters

Not my image I find it in the internet and put it here
Just a status for the order of the RP

Neptune (monday, so today)

Nepgear (tomorrow)

Noire (Wednesday)

Uni (


Soulmourn's Profile Picture
My waifu is Blanc the CPU of Lowee, I also like Rom and Ram too



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